Online Poker Affiliate

Being an online poker affiliate

Working with top online poker affiliate programs is essential to your success these days, with new skins coming and going on the market it is important for you to find reputable high paying affiliate programs to work with. If you are just starting out as an online poker affiliate, I would personally reccomend picking just five rooms to promote in the early stages of your career. A lot of current players have accounts already at FullTilt and PokerStars – but mostly don’t have accounts at smaller rooms like Cake Poker or new (awesome) rooms like Aced Poker. When deciding to work with a new room I will consider some important points on which poker sites to promote but really most online poker affiliates should first choose the types of online poker affiliate programs they want to start promoting. There is three main types of online poker affiliate marketing you can do:

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition): This is a one time payment for signing up a real money player as an affiliate of an online poker site. CPA poker affiliate programs payouts range from $75 to over $250 or more for high volume affiliates of poker. If just starting out, it is safe to assume you can get paid between $75 and $150 at most poker rooms for a CPA payment.

Revenue Share: Online poker affiliates on revenue share are paid a percentage of their players real money revenue. The percentages offered to affiliates range from 20% all the way up to 60% of each players monthly gross revenue paid into affiliates accounts. I love revenue share myself but all affiliates should be aware this is a much slower build up of income, even though it is residual.

Rakeback: Rakeback online poker affiliates payout the majority of their revenue share back to players as an incentive and reward for real money play. Rakeback is booming in popularity among the smartest and most active poker players, and it’s easier than ever to become an online poker rakeback affiliate. Visit our Rakeback Affliate Programs page for more information, and easy ways to get started. Major online poker affiliates who are rakeback providers will literally set you up with your own free rakeback site to promote to online poker players.

CPA rate and tiers.
Revshare percentage.
Affiliate manager communication.
Effort put forth to convert and retain players.
Traffic levels
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